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Maxicare Health Insurance

For Sale Maxicare Health Insurance
For Sale Maxicare Health Insurance

Maxicare Health Insurance

Price: ₱ 3663
Posted Date: Oct 5, 2013
Posted By: Maxihealth
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Available: 1
Location: Cebu City, Cebu
Contact No. 09057748449
Classification: For Sale
Condition: Brand New
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Maxicare Health Insurance For Sale

Entrust your family's WELFARE with MAXICARE.

Kadtong prone sa digrasya sa kadalanan dira. GOOD NEWS!!! We cover 100% of motor vehicular accident

We can offer you:

1. Individual Program
2. Family Program
3. Group Business Nationwide (5-19 enrollees)
4. Small Corporate Nationwide (20-99 enrollees)
5. e-Ready Card (Emergency Card)

For as low as P 3663 u can already have 60k/illness insurance and 100 coverage such as MRI, CT scan and etc.

Pre-existing condition is waived.

For inquiries you may pm me or contact me

We are the only company who covers 100% SPECIAL MODALITIES OF TREATMENT like MRI. Other companies covers only P5,000 we covers 100% expenses.

Direct: 0905 774 8449

Regarding this insurance.Let's say ni avail kag 60k/illness.You will have 60k per illness for e.g. Today na diagnosed kag Left sided heart failure u will have 60k for the entire year. Its not one time use. 100% cover ang MRI, CT scan and etc if mo order ang doctor. Hangtod mahurot ang 60k ani. Then next month if madiagnosed kag acute renal failure naa na sad ka 60k. Hangtod sa mahurot ni. If i dialysis ka cover nato ni hangtod sa maximum benefits nimo. Kada masakit ka naa ka 60k.



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