Pvc Waterstop/rubber Waterstop

For Sale PVC Waterstop/Rubber Waterstop
For Sale PVC Waterstop/Rubber Waterstop

Pvc Waterstop/rubber Waterstop

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Posted Date: Jan 9, 2014
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Pvc Waterstop/rubber Waterstop For Sale

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Water Stop is a special type of hydraulic cement. It is non corrosive, non rusting, instant setting compound for plugging and stopping water or fluid leaks in concrete structures or masonry surfaces. When mixed with plain water to a thick consistency and hand formed into a plug, it will stop flow or leaks even under water pressure.

PVC Waterstops consists of a wide range of waterstop designs for all types of internal and external water sealing concrete joints which includes: plain dumbell type, dumbell type with center bulb, flat strip type, flat strip tapered type, corrugated type with center bulb, corrugated tapered type with center bulb, corrugated rib type with center bulb, corrugated fin type with center bulb, and external seal type.
Water Stop is designed to be used to stop water or fluid flow through cracks, crevices and holes in concrete or masonry surfaces. Stops leaks into or out of basement walls, reservoirs, concrete blocks, tubs, swimming pools, concrete pipe, culverts, manholes, elevator pits, and storm drains. Water Stop can be used as a plug for cisterns, sewers, tunnels, mines and dams.



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