Ajp Siphoning Services 583-29-59

Service Offered AJP SIPHONING SERVICES 583-29-59
Service Offered AJP SIPHONING SERVICES 583-29-59

Ajp Siphoning Services 583-29-59

Price: ₱ 00
Posted Date: Jan 13, 2014
Posted By: Bryan Malilay
Email Address: bryan_malilay0915@yahoo.com
Available: 1
Location: Santo Tomas, Batangas
Contact No. 09273049136
Classification: Service Offered
Condition: Service Offered
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Ajp Siphoning Services 583-29-59 Service Offered

Description: MALABANAN SIPHONING POZO NEGRO/SEPTIC TANK PLUMBING SERVICES (02) 583-29-59 /09273049136/09477809980/09239551604Plumbing Services a wide range of reliable and trusted services that will meet all of your plumbing needs. Our team of professionals guarantees to give you detailed services SERVICES OFFERED: •Siphoning of sludge human waste from pozo •negro (per trip) •Draining of water, waste mud, and waste oil •De-clogging of cleaning up of main sanitary pipelines •Cleaning and manual removal of solid sludge •Solidifying grease oil waste garbage material and other residues inside •septic tank •Thorough cleaning of the septic vault (pozo negro) •De-clogging of clear up sewerage system pipelines •Installing of water cement pipelines •Installing of outlet and inlet pipelines •Locating / opening of septic tank •Constructing septic tank •Manual cleaning of waste water treatement plant •All types of clogged drainage system of plumbing service



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