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Tationil Glutathione 600mg Made In Italy


POSTED DATE: More than 90 days



LOCATION: Mandaluyong, Metro Manila

MOBILE NUMBER: +639156015515



PRICE: 3,000.00

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For Sale Tationil Glutathione 600mg Made In Italy in Metro Manila

Made by Teofarma S.R.L. , Italy

With FREE Vitamin C 500mg X 10 ampoules

Guaranteed Authentic Made in ItalyDescription
Tationil Glutathione IV, made by Teofarma, is classified as a ‘tripeptide’, which means it is composed of three amino acids. Amino Acids are the building blocks of protein and peptides are a family of molecules that link various amino acids together. The human body produces Glutathione from the amino acids Cysteine, Glutamic Acid and Glycine, and it is the key antioxidant compound required for vital functioning of all cells.

Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant known as the ‘master antioxidant,’ pivotal in alleviating oxidative stress and protecting individual cells and tissues from free radicals. It is also known to enhance healthy growth and activity of immune cells needed for disease resistance and immune protection. In addition it enables the body to rid itself of unwanted toxins and heavy metals, detoxifying the liver, the body’s most concentrated source of Glutathione; and protecting the body from today’s environmental pollutants, natural and synthetic toxins, genetically engineered processed foods and toxic waste.

Each cell in the body must have the raw materials necessary to produce Glutathione and store a sufficient amount to survive the human demand in our world of poor diet, pollution, drugs, radiation, stress, infection, trauma, injury, and disease. Diminished levels of Glutathione have always been associated with aging; however, in today’s toxic world, low levels of glutathione are no longer only reserved for the aged. Low levels of Glutathione have been implicated in many autoimmune disorders and neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s, Autism, HIV, MS Rheumatoid Arthritis etc.

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